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Jun 20, 2018

Did you know that you can put down the mask and let your freak flag fly? It’s true! You don’t have to hide who you really are to fit into a nice and perfect box in order to enjoy success in life and business. Just ask Nick Wolny!

On this episode, you’ll hear from Nick as he opens up about his journey through personal and professional challenges that ultimately led him to a life full of transparency and fulfillment.

Nick is a content marketing strategist for entrepreneurs. LeadPages referred to him as “A creative thinker whose marketing strategy converts big,” and SUCCESS magazine describes him as “A Facebook ads expert.” 

He’s been featured in DaySpa Magazine, GrowthLab, and Rick Mulready’s Art of Paid Traffic Podcast.

If you are ready to leave the lie of perfection and superficiality behind, this is the episode for you!

Here are a few takeaways from today’s podcast episode with Nick Wolny:

  • Tell your story, it matters and you deserve to be heard.
  • Different is better than better, let your freak flag fly!
  • Organization creates excitement.
  • Ready, Fire, Aim - don’t wait until you have the perfect product!

I know Kaizenites like you will get some helpful insights from Nick’s captivating journey, make sure you have pen and paper ready, you’re gonna need it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:15] I welcome my guest, Nick Wolny to the podcast.
  • [5:30] Nick talks about his time learning about music at Rice University.
  • [12:30] Why Nick loves helping people get their message heard.
  • [14:00] Different is better than better.
  • [16:30] Unique branding/storytelling can make you stand out!
  • [18:45] I run through a snapshot of Nick’s story and what he’s accomplished.
  • [21:00] Nick explains how he’s been able to improve his life & business.
  • [30:00] Organization creates excitement!
  • [32:30] Set your goals based on factors you can control.
  • [34:15] Ready, fire, aim - just start putting out the work!
  • [37:10] Don’t do what you love, pursue what you are.
  • [39:15] Lessons learned from failure.
  • [41:30] It’s OK to be a financially conservative entrepreneur.
  • [45:30] Nick enters Cary’s Corner - rapid fire questions!
  • [50:00] Who should connect with Nick?

Different is better than better!

Let’s face it, in a world of perfectly curated images and videos, someone who’s messy and real stands out. Don’t you want that? I know I do! That’s why I do everything I can to show you, my fellow Kaizenites that I don't’ have it all together.

We are all in this together and while we may not be perfect, that doesn’t mean we can’t hone our skills and strive to reach our fullest potential.

“Different is better than better.” - Ryan Lee

Nick Wolny is the perfect example of a raw and unfiltered professional. He’s learned that what grabs people’s attention is not the heights of success he can reach but rather, it’s his unique voice and story that draws them in.

He learned from Ryan Lee that the best way to stand out in a crowded field is to let your freak flag fly and showcase what makes you unique.

Discover how this insightful lesson can apply to your life as Nick dives deep on this exciting episode, you don’t want to miss it!

Ready, fire, aim - summon the courage to put imperfect work out there.

You’ve heard the saying that “Practice makes perfect,” right? While that is absolutely true, the reality is too often we get locked into the idea that we need to put our best foot forward that we never leave the house!

While you should absolutely hone your craft - part of that process is being bold enough to put yourself and your work out there to learn as you go. I know that sounds scary but it really can work, Nick Wolny is the perfect example!

He was so hell-bent on perfection and excellence in his work that it paralyzed him with fear of failure. Once he was able to fully embrace a practice-based approach, Nick realized that in order to put out great content you have to put out some crappy content along the way. This allowed Nick to make the shift from “Ready, aim, fire!” to “Ready, fire, aim.”

Since adopting this change, Nick has seen a profound impact not only on the quality of his work but in his enjoyment of his work as well.

Learn more about Nick’s approach and how removing the need for perfection has breathed new life into his creativity by listening to this engaging episode!

Don’t do what you love, pursue what you are!

The common mantra in our society today is to follow your heart/passion and do what you LOVE. Is that the best advice? Should you really trust your instincts and listen to the desires of your heart? What if there was a better way to tap into your unique skills and abilities that didn't’ rely on fleeting passions and desires?

According to Nick Wolny, doing what you love is bunk. The better option is to pursue who you are, that may sound all “Woo, woo” but if you think about it, it really does make sense.

If you embrace this idea that you need to let your freak flag fly and showcase your unique voice, then mining the depths of who you are to bring that to the world makes sense.

The truth is, our passions and desires change and morph over time, but if you’ve committed to put down the mask and let your personality be your unique offering to the world and marketplace, you’ll always have a clear path before you.

Don’t shackle yourself to a limited and narrow vision for your future, let the REAL you be the asset you build your life and business around!

Hear more about what it takes to discover real you by learning from Nick’s eye-opening journey on this powerful episode!

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Connect with NICK WOLNY

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Jun 14, 2018

Do you ever get the feeling that we can tend to overcomplicate things when it comes to getting our life in order? While tools, tips, and hacks have their place - what about straight up personal responsibility? On this episode, you’ll hear from entrepreneur and business leader, Chris Okada.

Chris is a prolific dealmaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Okada & Company, a full-service commercial real estate brokerage and investment company in New York City.

Chris rose to distinction during the financial crisis of 2008 and its recovery by using the market's lowered state to transact in nearly $1B commercial real estate sales and leasing transactions in Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

Chris is also an avid blogger, speaker, and thought leader relating to entrepreneurship and real estate subjects. He has been featured numerous times in publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Post, The Real Deal Magazine, Crain's NY, The Observer, and many other digital and print news agencies.

Our culture has conditioned us to value self-preservation so highly that we’ve become allergic to anything that remotely looks like responsibility. Kaizenites, it’s time that we confront this harmful message and move forward with a renewed focus on taking ownership of our actions including the positive and negative outcomes they create.

Let’s leave the blame game behind and create a brighter future!

Here are a few takeaways from today’s podcast episode with Chris Okada:

  • You are not a self-made person, you are a product of your community!
  • Gratitude is the gateway to happiness.
  • Diversify your interests, you never know what opportunities they might open up!
  • The right influences are key, look for people who will point you in the right direction.

There are so many helpful insights that Chris has to share, I can’t wait for you Kaizenites to dive in and find the lessons that will help move you further down your path to fulfillment!

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:40] Chris Okada joins the podcast.
  • [5:45] Why like-minded people connect.
  • [9:10] Chris talks about the impact his family has had on his journey.
  • [15:30] What does it mean to “Win?” -- It’s a luxury!
  • [21:30] Finding balance and learning from Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • [24:30] Gratitude is the gateway to happiness.
  • [28:30] The difference between a high stakes deal and everything else.
  • [37:00] Getting fired up and staying “Afraid.”
  • [42:00] How visual goals can help you succeed.
  • [46:00] Look for people who will point you in the right direction.
  • [48:40] Learn how to execute in life and business.
  • [51:30] Life is harder than business will ever be.
  • [54:00] Chris’ dream to create luxury retirement communities.
  • [58:00] What does it mean to Own Your Self according to Chris?
  • [59:50] An audit you can run through for a helpful self-diagnostic.
  • [1:02:40] Who should connect with Chris?

Grab the bull by the horns and take some personal responsibility!

Let’s face it, no one likes to get called out on their BS, I know I don’t! That’s why it’s so refreshing to hear from leaders like Chris who are ridiculously humble and open to sharing their story.

One of the primary themes from my conversation with Chris was the concept of personal responsibility. Not once did I hear Chris blame others for challenges and frustrations he’s encountered in his life.

A couple years back, Chris faced an onslaught of personal losses that sent him in a downward spiral and sunk him into a deep hole of grief. While he could have lashed out and blamed the circumstances or even those around him, Chris decided to go to work searching for solutions.

Often times, the best solution to our problems is to pick ourselves up and go to work on finding a way to address our situation. Don’t just think of success and achievement as the only areas of personal responsibility. Finding your way to a healthy work-life balance and out of your particular funk is something you need to take ownership of too!

I’m ready to lay down my defensiveness and knee-jerk reactions of self-preservation and opt for embracing personal responsibility. Will you join me? Imagine what it would look like if a whole generation of leaders decided to quit playing the blame game. We’d live a more complete and fulfilled life, I want that!

Learn more about the way forward from Chris’ deep well of insights by listening to this engaging episode!

Find your tribe and learn from them.

You might see a successful and thriving business leader like Chris and wonder, “How did they achieve their position and status?” That’s a great question, but the better question is, “Who do they surround themselves with?”

You’ve heard the saying, “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future,” right? It’s true! While you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends and that says a lot about the type of person you are.

It’s time to start taking a hold of your life! Put on your big boy or big girl pants and take personal responsibility for the people you’ve surrounded yourself with. Don’t let those draining and toxic relationships pull you down and limit your potential. All the drama and distractions in your personal life are yours to own and yours fix!

Do you need to make so changes in that department? Do it, those problems won’t sort themselves out, you’ve got to take action!

Imagine what it would look like if you had a tribe of like-minded people who you could count on and who could count on you. You’d be unstoppable! I hate to break it to you but that tribe will never land in your lap! You’ve got to go out there and create it.

Take this opportunity to learn from Chris’ story and find out how people around him have helped him flourish and thrive in one of the loudest (figuratively and literally) environments on the planet, Manhattan.

Diversify your interests and open up new possibilities!

When was the last time you re-evaluated your approach to your career and your personal goals? Have you ever thought about doing something outside of the box to get some out of the box results?

If you were to ask someone on the street how I got connected with Chris, the last response you’d ever expect to receive would be, through Instagram. The reason why we connected through that platform is due to Chris’ desire to branch out and explore new possibilities.

I LOVE Chris’ gutsy approach and I think we all need to learn from his example and make some bold movements in our lives if we have any hope for substantial change.

What can you do today to move the needle? Think of something that will really change things up and go for it! What do you have to lose?

I’m fired up from my conversation with Chris and I’m ready to re-think some of my paradigms and do some things I’ve never done before. Are you with me!?

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Connect with CHRIS OKADA

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Jun 6, 2018

The mind is a powerful tool and holds the key to how we behave and respond to the world around us. While mindset is a huge buzzword these days, there is a good reason for it! When you understand what motivates and animates certain parts of your behavior and mindset, you can begin to make the adjustments you need to reach your zone of genius. On this episode, you’ll hear from author, speaker, and developmental powerhouse Mary Shores!

Mary has been recognized as a leader of innovative thought and has been described as a “revolutionary thinker”. She has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to inspire others, create new ways of thinking, identify their goals, and take action to create meaningful results.

After coming from humble beginnings and experiencing devastating tragedy, Mary overcame adversity and became the youngest owner of a Collections Agency; one that prides itself on empowering consumers by alleviating their burden of debt.

In our conversation, Mary shares some awesome tools and practices that Kaizenites like you can use to kick some harmful habits and embrace conscious communication with yourself and the world around you.

Here are a few takeaways from today’s podcast episode with Mary:

  • How utilizing affirmations can help you adopt a healthy mindset.
  • Understanding the impact of past trauma and finding a way to heal.
  • Cleanse or Clog, a helpful filter for multiple aspects of your life.
  • What it takes to start a self-care regimen.

Don’t miss this chance to discover pivotal lessons and insights from Mary’s hard-fought perspective! 

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:20] I introduce my guest, Mary Shores. 
  • [3:00] Mary joins the podcast.
  • [5:30] Why affirmations are so powerful.
  • [7:30] How trauma shapes us.
  • [9:30] I run through a bit about Mary’s background.
  • [12:00] Mary talks about her passion for helping others pay their debts.
  • [15:00] What you focus on grows!
  • [17:20] The words you choose matter.
  • [22:00] Cleanse or Clog?
  • [26:30] What is the “Core Four?”
  • [31:00] How does alignment impact your mindset?
  • [37:00] Stepping out into a new direction can open up amazing opportunities.
  • [39:30] Demystifying the concept of empowerment.
  • [42:00] Mary opens up about recovering from the loss of her marriage.
  • [47:00] How creating a self-care routine can help you stay on top of your game.
  • [50:30] Key take away: Everything you say or do creates connection or disconnection.
  • [52:00] Mary enters Cary’s Corner.
  • [55:20] Who should connect with Mary?
  • [56:00] Mary’s free gift to Kaizenites.

Does this cleanse or clog my life?

I don’t know about you but I want NEED a silver bullet that will help me cut through my severe case of shiny object syndrome and tap into a healthy response.

Luckily, Mary has devised a genius tool that you and I can use every day to get us back on track and move away from our self-defeating impulses.

The truth is, our enemy is complexity. There are so many options we could choose and doors we could walk through that we easily get overwhelmed. To cut through all that complicity and move forward with conscious communication Mary teaches a tool called “Cleanse or Clog.”

You can use this tool by considering a choice you have before you like, a cheeseburger. Will eating this cheeseburger cleanse or clog my body? Obviously, a cheeseburger will end up clogging your body so you reject the cheeseburger and opt for the salad. You can apply this same approach to more significant decisions like a business opportunity. Does that opportunity clog and bog you down with little payoff or does it sync up with your mission and values providing a more cleansing result?

Learn more about his helpful tool and how you can use it to cut through all the junk and complexity in life by listening to this exciting episode with Mary!

What are your “Core Four?”

Where your focus goes, energy flows. - Tony Robbins

While trying to navigate life as a single parent, running an organization, and everything in between, Mary struggled to figure out how to get her life progressing in the direction she needed it to go.

Inspired by Tony Robbins’ teaching on “What you focus on, grows” Mary developed what she calls her “Core Four.” These are four themes that she identified in business that she wanted to see upward movement and growth in.

  1. Bringing on new clients.
  2. Creating custom programs.
  3. Industry involvement.
  4. Using branding to the fullest potential.

How can you use Mary’s example to get movement in key areas of your life and operate out of conscious communication? What will your Core Four be? Hear more details about developing your Core Four from Mary by listening to this informative episode!

Don’t neglect self-care!

Like any good athlete, runners know that if you want to go the distance in an endurance race like a marathon you’ve got to pay attention to your body and care for it.

The same concept applies to you, Kaizenites! You have no hope of going the distance in life or business if you neglect self-care and treat your body like crap!

Mindset and physical care are closely linked. In fact, when you care for your body it can help to rejuvenate and energize your mind!

If you want to continue to operate in your zone of genius and fire on all cylinders, you’ve got to pay attention to your body and discover a self-care regimen that works for you. Everyone is different, maybe self-care for you looks like heading off to the mountains for a backpacking trip or a weekend getaway at the spa. Whatever it is, plan and schedule it BEFORE you burn out and reach the end of your rope.

Educate yourself with additional insights on self-care and conscious communication from Mary on this powerful episode

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Connect with MARY SHORES

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May 31, 2018

I’ve got a confession to make, I’ve been taking a step back from my Facebook and IG usage lately and I feel great! Don’t get me wrong, both of those platforms are great tools but they are just that, tools!

What I’m after is real community that goes beyond the surface stuff. Do ya feel me? Let’s face it, community building is hard work! I know I’m not alone in this struggle but I need answers!

That’s why I invited my friend and expert community builder Diana Tower to share how Kaizenites like you can start building personal and professional community in your life to help you go further.

A little background on Diana, she helps A-list entrepreneurs create engaged online communities for their flagship courses. She currently serves as the trusted Community Manager and a Senior Business Coach for Ramit Sethi’s “Zero to Launch Accelerator” — a 7-figure online business coaching program.

At the heart of Diana’s message is this, you don’t have to go through life alone!

Here are a few takeaways from today’s podcast episode with Diana:

  • Community building gives you a support system to work through life’s roadblocks.
  • Mindset mastery can help you confront areas in your life that give you anxiety.
  • Don’t go through life constantly distracted, learn how to cut through the noise of FB & IG!
  • How you fill your day is how you fill your life, what’s in your “Jar?”

Diana doesn’t just talk a good game, she lives it! She has built some amazing communities both in person and online. Don’t miss this great opportunity to walk away with meaningful lessons and tools that you can implement today by listening to this engaging episode of Own Your Self!

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:20] I introduce my guest, Diana Tower!
  • [5:45] Diana describes her experience co-hosting Forefront.
  • [8:00] Accepting who you are and being really proud of it.
  • [11:40] How Diana builds community and provides value.
  • [17:00] Why building community is so important.
  • [20:30] Diana shares how EFT and Matrix Reprinting has helped shift her mindset.
  • [31:00] Embracing simplicity and cutting through the noise.
  • [36:30] Getting an early start in the morning and focusing on personal health.
  • [41:00] What is in Diana’s “Jar?”
  • [48:00] Diana talks about the Ultimate Guides she’s created.
  • [52:30] Cary’s Corner: Rapid fire questions for Diana.
  • [55:00] How to get Diana’s gift to you!

Community building and tackling life’s roadblocks.

Did you know that community building can help you take on some of the most difficult roadblocks that life throws your way? It’s true! According to Diana, we are all products of some type of community.

The myth of the self-made man or woman is just that, a myth!

If you’ve ever wondered what that secret formula is that many high-level leaders have, the answer is community! Leaders like Tony Robbins refuse to be satisfied with what most of society tries to pass off as “Community.” (I’m looking at you Facebook!)

What these high performing leaders know is you can go further, enjoy life to the fullest, and create a meaningful impact when you surround yourself with people who get it. Don’t you want that?

One great action step that Diana mentioned in our conversation is taking the time to invest in products from communities that you value. If you want to tap into the power of Tony’s community, go to his seminars or read his books! Do whatever you can to gather voices around you that support your goals and move you forward. Learn more from Diana’s helpful perspective on community building by listening to this episode!

Leave FAKE community behind and embrace authentic community!

Let’s get real, most of us are so stinking tired of the superficiality on social media these days.

Be honest, do you really feel connected to all the noise that you scroll through on Facebook and Instagram? What if there was a way to dig deep and get past all the ubiquitous baby photos, perfect food pictures, and political memes?

How do you focus on community building in a meaningful way?

Diana has dedicated her professional career to helping men and women build and sustain a community that goes beyond the surface BS and gets to the heart of what we all want - to really FEEL connected. Let’s get past all the junk in our newsfeed and create a community that matters!

How do you start building a healthy and authentic community? For Diana, it all started when she simply started reaching out to people around her and showed that she cared about them and what they were working on. Revolutionary, right? But it really is!

Deep down you know that something powerful and transformative gets unlocked when regular men and women lay down their agenda and reach out to help one another.

Don’t buy the lie that you are an island unto yourself, step out and take the risk to begin building authentic community today!

Take a chance and reach out either in person or online and take the initiative to start building a community around yourself that you can be proud of! Get more helpful community building tips from Diana on this powerful episode!

What’s in your “Jar?”

Does your life need an upgrade? What if you could kick it from 211 degrees to 212 and get this baby boiling?!

If you are ready to put in the work, check out Diana’s exercise that helped her go from lukewarm to boiling hot!

In this exercise, the jar represents your life and you fill it up with rocks, sand, water, etc. which represent the things you fill your life with.

Instead of just filling up her jar with the things that she currently does on a daily basis, Diana decided to make it more aspirational than descriptive. She engaged in this exercise to get clarity in her life and really drill down into what she wanted to spend her valuable time doing. While Diana cautions people from projecting too far into the future with this exercise, she says that she found great value in leveraging “Point B” to navigate her way through “Point A.”

You can do this! You don’t have to settle for the mundane routine that you are so sick of. Break out of the mold and start moving toward your goals! Take this opportunity to engage in an exercise that has the potential to get you going in the right direction.

Go deeper with Diana’s insights on community building and hear more about her experience with the jar exercise by listening to this informative episode, you don't want to miss it!

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